JCA Development

Bring Big City Sophistication to a Beautiful Small Mountain Town

In July, JCA Development was mentioned in Cody Living Magazine. We slipped it in without making too much of a fuss, but with Cody Living Magazine’s August 2020 publication coming out, we wanted to share it with you now. JCA Development and founder, Josh Allison will be the cover story in the August 2020 Cody Living Magazine; being released in print this week.

For now, here is our four page feature with Wyoming Building Supplies https://wyomingbuildingsupply.com/ and Luke Magargal of Luke Marargal Custom Builds https://lmcbcody.com/.


Cale Ferrell, Wyoming Building Supply

Working with JCA Development and Luke Magargal requires us to step outside of the box and approach design work from different perspectives than you normally see in and around Wyoming. This is a challenge that we welcome because it allows us to showcase many new products and services offered by Wyoming Building Supply that most have never seen. We look forward to the growth of this partnership and the quality properties added to our community.

Luke Magargal and I share a vision about our projects. I.E. developments often times outlives the builder/developer and serve as a builders/developer’s signature.  We develop our properties with a brand that represents the highest quality construction available, is unique and different than anything in the market.  From a construction standpoint, Magargal Construction’s attention to detail is second-to-none and they are not afraid to try things that nobody else has done before. Luke and I went to Highschool together in Cody and it is refreshing to see a local kid with that kind of talent build such cool, quality homes here in our hometown.


Founder and Owner of JCA Companies, Josh Allison

“Cody is my hometown, it is very dear to me, and I love the opportunities to improve it where I can.” – Josh Allison

I own a fabrication facility with very skilled welders/fabricators who design and construct unique construction components for our projects, all-the-way from stairs and railings, to furniture.

We have created a partnership with several local subcontractors and suppliers including, Wyoming Building Supply. They are a 40+ year Wyoming family owned and operated business that understands our development model and helps to see it through, all the way from pre-construction planning to deliver the final product. During these trying times using Wyoming based companies/products is crucial to our local economies.

We hope customers view what we build such as stairs as a piece of art, rather than just a method to reach the second or third level.

We don’t develop cheap or “cookie cutter” properties. We focus on Custom Quality and differentiation. You won’t find similar types of finish or construction components to our properties anywhere in the State. These are true custom homes and no shortcuts are taken.