C-MOR Energy Services Launches Its “Mobile Lighting System” – Increasing Safety and Efficiency in The Oilfield

JCA Companies subsidiary C-MOR Energy Services is proud to announce the launch of its newest oilfield lighting innovation: the patent-pending C-MOR Mobile Lighting System.

The newest C-MOR innovation consists of mobile light towers available in multiple configurations extending and articulating 40 to 125 feet above ground. The mobility of the system allows for site lighting flexibility, thereby achieving maximum light coverage where needed most. In doing so, light is projected downward, increasing nighttime employee safety by eliminating the dark spots that standard light towers have historically been unable to accomplish. C-MOR lighting engineers carefully studied site location designs to precisely position each LED lamp in directions which limit shading and shadowing, and limit light dissipation. As a result, the system achieves maximum light extension over 150 yards in all directions from its base.



Josh Allison, JCA Companies President commented, “The safety concerns and highly specific requirements of our operators guide our engineering efforts. One mobile light tower enables our customers to remove 8-12 traditional light towers while ensuring better visibility. Less equipment with better quality lighting on site leads to substantial cost savings for our customers.”

One C-MOR mobile light tower replaces 8-12 traditional light towers and significantly increases nighttime safety for oil and gas operations.

Given the amount of equipment on Frac locations and other Oilfield sites, often light from a traditional light tower-like structure is blocked. The Mobile Lighting System allows for flexibility in changing site conditions, or equipment placement requirements and ultimately reduces an operator’s footprint on location while improving safety and efficiency.

Allison said, “In addition to saving our customers money, the mobile lighting system improves Oilfield safety and leaves a significantly smaller carbon footprint. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from operators using the systems in the field.”

About JCA Companies

JCA Companies and its three subsidiary companies are focused on innovation. C-MOR Energy Services, Cascade, and Titan Casing provide innovative oil and gas equipment along with exceptional service. JCA specialties and integrated services include oilfield construction, welding, casing, pick up and lay down services, clean and drift, CRT, equipment rental, logistics and equipment hauling. With locations in every major U.S. oil play, JCA Companies realizes that every piece of equipment on a drilling rig or frac site is essential to overall operations and JCA is fully committed to providing its clients with the best equipment and service.

For more information about C-MOR’s ” Mobile Lighting System” please contact us through our website or contact Jack Greer Operations Supervisor at (307) 578-8216 (Main) or (307) 680-5284 (Cell).