In July, JCA Development was mentioned in Cody Living Magazine. We slipped it in without making too much of a fuss, but with Cody Living Magazine's August 2020 publication coming out, we wanted to share it with you now. JCA Development and founder, Josh Allison will be the cover story in the August 2020 Cody Living Magazine; being released in print this week. For now, here is our four page feature with Wyoming Building Supplies and Luke Magargal of Luke Marargal Custom Builds [gallery ids="466,467,468"]   Cale Ferrell, Wyoming Building Supply Working with JCA Development and Luke Magargal requires us to step outside of the box and approach design work from different perspectives than you normally see in and around Wyoming. This is a challenge that we welcome because it allows us to showcase many new products and services offered by Wyoming Building Supply that most have never seen. We look forward to the growth of this partnership and the quality properties added to our community. Luke Magargal and I share a vision about our projects. I.E. developments often times outlives the builder/developer and serve as a builders/developer’s signature.  We develop our properties with a brand that represents the highest quality construction available, is unique and different than anything in the market.  From a construction standpoint, Magargal Construction’s attention to detail is second-to-none and they are not afraid to try things that nobody else has done before. Luke and I went to Highschool together in Cody and it is refreshing to see a local kid with that kind of talent build such cool, quality homes here in our hometown.   Founder and Owner of JCA Companies, Josh Allison "Cody is my hometown, it is very dear to me, and I love the opportunities to improve it where I can." - Josh Allison I own a fabrication facility with very skilled welders/fabricators who design and construct unique construction components for our projects, all-the-way from stairs and railings, to furniture. We have created a partnership with several local subcontractors and suppliers including, Wyoming Building Supply. They are a 40+ year Wyoming family owned and operated business that understands our development model and helps to see it through, all the way from pre-construction planning to deliver the final product. During these trying times using Wyoming based companies/products is crucial to our local economies. We hope customers view what we build such as stairs as a piece of art, rather than just a method to reach the second or third level. We don’t develop cheap or “cookie cutter” properties. We focus on Custom Quality and differentiation. You won’t find similar types of finish or construction components to our properties anywhere in the State. These are true custom homes and no shortcuts are taken.  ...

Cody, Wyoming January 30,2019 - JCA Companies, a Wyoming oil and gas services company and its subsidiaries, C-MOR Energy Services, Titan Casing and Cascade Services signed a multi-year deal to become the official sponsor of the University of Wyoming Rodeo Team. College rodeo fans across the country will now see UW student athletes wearing JCA’s logo on their sleeves while they compete on the College Rodeo Circuit. The UW Spring Rodeo will be officially re-named “JCA Companies UW Rodeo Laramie River Rendezvous”. The annual UW Rodeo Bucking Ball on February 23rd. will officially be branded as “JCA Companies UW Rodeo Bucking Ball”. “I am extremely grateful the University of Wyoming has given JCA Companies the opportunity to help these student athletes gain success on a national level.” JCA Companies CEO Josh Allison said. “As a Wyoming native and Wyoming company, with several UW alumni being part of our organization, we are excited about the future of UW Rodeo. The University couldn’t ask for a better coach in Beau Clark who has already put together one of the top college rodeo teams in the country and has positioned this program to be a long-term national finals contender.” Additionally, JCA Companies will be co-sponsoring the University of Wyoming Energy Day College Football Game in the fall which will include an on-field presentation during a halftime ceremony with the JCA logo displayed on the video board as well as the JCA brand on several banners throughout the stadium. Beau Clark, Rodeo Coach said, “We are excited to Partner with JCA Companies as the Official Sponsor of the University of Wyoming Rodeo Team. Josh Allison, CEO of JCA Companies, has been a leader of this partnership through his commitment and support for UW and our college rodeo team. We are thankful to partner with a company who has a similar vision for success, compete with great integrity and commit to excellence with the highest standards. Another key leader who helped connect JCA Companies to the UW rodeo program was former UW rodeo standout and student athlete Jack Greer. The World Needs More Cowboys and Jack Greer is one of our many Cowboys who we are extremely proud of because of leadership, work ethic and the effort to make our world a better place.” Athletes, students and fans will see new university apparel with the JCA Companies logo coupled with the UW Rodeo lettering during competitions and on campus Jack Greer, Chief Operating Officer of JCA Companies, said, “Being a former student athlete at the University of Wyoming, it is an honor to help a sport I have dedicated so much of my life to. The education I obtained, and the experiences I had competing for the University of Wyoming prepared me for a career in the oil and gas industry. I am fortunate that as part of the JCA Companies team I can help give back to the University and the student athletes trying to succeed in rodeo and the classroom.” About JCA Companies JCA Companies and its three subsidiary companies, which are headquartered in Wyoming, are focused on innovation and improving safety in the oil and gas industry. C-MOR Energy Services, Cascade, and Titan Casing provide innovative equipment, along with exceptional service. JCA Companies patent pending products and specialized services are utilized on oil and gas locations in every major oil place in the U.S. It’s patent pending Crown Jewel Lighting System and Mobile Light Towers are used by some of the world’s largest operators and drilling contractors to improve safety on their locations. JCA specialties and integrated services include developing innovate products that increase safety while reducing operating costs. JCA Companies offers oilfield construction, welding, casing, pick up and laydown services, clean and drift, equipment rentals, site lighting, logistics brokering and equipment hauling. Contact Josh Allison Chief Operating Officer (307) 578-8216 (Main)

CODY, Wyoming –November 13, 2018– JCA Companies affiliate Titan Casing has partnered with one of the largest E&P companies in Colorado and Ensign USD to enhance oilfield safety and reduce environmental concerns on drilling locations. By utilizing a drilling rig’s hydraulic systems to operate casing power tongs, rather than diesel powered Hydraulic Power Units, Titan Casing has made a large step forward in making drilling locations safer, more economical and environmentally friendly. This new process is a breakthrough in the industry, and an overall win for Colorado as it significantly cuts down on diesel consumption, potential hazardous spills and work site traffic obstacles on drilling locations. Furthermore, the noise reduction is substantial, which benefits those residential or commercial properties in close proximity. Erik Rodriguez, Titan Casing Vice President, said, “On October 26, 2018, on Ensign 152 in the DJ Basin, Titan Casing ran a 17,000-foot monobore well off of the public grid (line power) without the use of diesel motors in order to limit the carbon footprint of operations and to do our part to keep Colorado beautiful and green.” Titan was able to run casing at a rate of more than 1,300 feet per hour, which is as, or more, efficient than previous jobs using a 6-cylinder Diesel Duel Stage Power Unit. Titan’s system completed the job with 0 gallons of diesel used. “We have put countless hours of research and development into making this system efficient and safe,” continued Mr. Rodriguez. “On our end we have changed all hydraulic valve banks to create a closed loop system as opposed to an open loop hydraulic system. This required several hours of trial and error as it has never been done before on a rig in this drilling contractor’s fleet. With the help of Ensign tool pushers and our counterparts at our E&P partner we were able to further improve efficiencies on the wellsite.” On a typical casing job, Hydraulic Power Units require 30-35 gallons of diesel fuel, in addition to Hydraulic fluid and oil. This new technology could save thousands of gallons of diesel fuel per rig annually in Colorado. In addition to being larger than a Volkswagon and taking up considerable space on locations, the hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel and oil that is used in these power units often time can leak or spill on locations. This new technology would limit hazardous spills such as these. Josh Allison, CEO of JCA Companies, said, “Titan Casing, C-MOR Energy Services and JCA Companies strive to develop innovative products that enhance oilfield safety and reduce carbon emissions on drilling and frac site locations. We are fortunate to work with partners who share the same goals in safety and the environment. Ensign has really made a push to create a safer, more economically friendly worksite and has worked with JCA Companies and C-MOR Energy Services to put the C-MOR Crown Jewel of several of their drilling rigs as well. JCA Companies and affiliates look forward to continuing our mission of making drilling locations safer, more economical and environmentally friendlier.” This innovation coupled with, C-MOR’s Crown Jewel, Tower of Lights and Mobile Light systems, has made breakthroughs in oilfield safety and reducing carbon footprints on drilling and frac sites nationwide. About Titan Casing Titan Casing is an affiliate of C-MOR Energy Services, Cascade Services and part of the JCA Companies Brand. Titan Casing provides Casing, Laydown, CRT, Torque Turn and Clean & Drift Services in Colorado, Wyoming and Texas. More information about Titan Casing is available on the company’s website: About JCA Companies JCA Companies and its three subsidiary companies are focused on innovation and Oilfield Safety. C-MOR Energy Services, Cascade, and Titan Casing provide innovative oil and gas equipment along with exceptional service. With locations in every major U.S. oil play, JCA Companies realizes that every piece of equipment on a drilling rig or frac site is essential to overall operations and JCA is fully committed to providing its clients with the best equipment and service. More information about the company is available at its website: Contact Erik Rodriquez, Vice President of Titan Casing 303-478-8488 719-342-3730

CODY, Wyo., May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- JCA Companies ("JCA") announced today that its subsidiary C-MOR Energy Services (formally C&M Oilfield Rentals. "C-MOR" or "the Company") is launching two new products including its patent-pending rig mounted lighting system called "The Crown Jewel," and its "Tower of Light" System, which provides light from the ground. "The Crown Jewel," weighing under 800 pounds, is the lightest, brightest rig mounted site lighting system that exists. Unlike most pad site lighting requiring diesel fuel, C-MOR's lighting system runs off the rig's power source and only requires a 240V breaker with as little as a 30-amp draw. This allows significant economic savings and an overall lower carbon footprint. The customization, engineering and flexibility of design allow for use on virtually all oilfield derricks and eliminate the need for conventional light towers. "We are extremely excited to see our lighting systems continue to gain traction in the industry," C-MOR President Josh Allison said. "I am fortunate to have a team with considerable experience in the oil and gas industry who continue to look for ways to better serve our clients and provide custom solutions that best fit their operations, from both a safety and economic standpoint. Our lighting engineers carefully studied rig designs to precisely angle each LED in directions which limit shading, shadowing and slows light dissipation. In doing this our system achieves maximum light extension over 150 yards in all directions from the base of the rig. This lighting significantly limits any dark areas which have been known to cause accidents such as slips and trips." C-MOR's patent-pending Crown Jewel Lights rig mounted system is a customizable pole mounted assembly which attaches directly to the handrails of the rig crown via secured brackets and backup safety cables. The system can be installed without the use of heavy equipment, supports or cables due to its straightforward design, making it simpler and more cost-effective than similar systems. "The Crown Jewel and Tower of Light Systems are receiving a lot of positive feedback from our partners currently using them in the field, and even from those operating nearby who can see just how bright the systems are on the job site," continued Mr. Allison. "The demand for our Crown Jewel has been so significant that we are taking orders three months out. Not only are onsite drilling engineers requesting our lights, but their back-office executives have been calling us due to the cost savings and increase in safety associated with them." The Tower of Light System is a dual powered pad lighting product that can be plugged in or powered by a diesel generator with an auxiliary fuel tank for up to 36 hours of continuous use. It features a proprietary mast guidance system, which provides increased stability during high winds. The manual winch raises and lowers the 6-LED light tower in a controlled manner to any height up to the 32' maximum elevation point. Just two of these systems replace the need for up to 12 standard Halogen light towers, making it substantially less expensive and brighter than the current alternatives. These systems are environmentally friendly as they require less fuel, generators, and resources to keep the job site safe, cost efficient and productive. "We have already received feedback from every operator using our systems that the job site is safer, more productive, and less costly compared to solutions previously available in the market. Demand has been most significant for the Tower system on frack sites where 12 to 15 halogen bulbs are often used," said Mr. Allison. "Our proprietary, 5- year warrantied LED lights and structures were developed with safety as the primary concern and with the operators in mind," continued Mr. Allison. "Moving forward, we look forward to safety and productivity increasing on more job sites thanks to these two systems. Already we have had multiple successful installations and orders from operators ranging in size from small-cap companies up to industry majors throughout Alaska, Canada, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wyoming." More information about C-MOR's lighting systems available at: About JCA Companies JCA Companies with its three subsidiary companies, C-MOR Energy Services, Cascade, and Titan Casing, provides innovative and well-built equipment along with exceptional service. We realize that every piece of equipment on a drilling rig is essential to overall operations, and we are fully committed to providing our clients with the very best in terms of equipment and service. JCA Companies provides a broad range of specialties and integrated services, including oilfield construction, welding, casing, pick up and laydown services, clean and drift, CRT, equipment rental, logistics, equipment hauling and more. With locations in every major oil play in the country, JCA Companies can provide a higher level of service and fulfill the demands of its customers nationally. More information available at Contact Josh Haaland Vice President (307) 578-8216 (Main) (701) 934-1557 (Cell)