Titan Casing – Perfecting The Drilling Process Helps the Environment while Improving Oilfield Safety

CODY, Wyoming –November 13, 2018–

JCA Companies affiliate Titan Casing has partnered with one of the largest E&P companies in Colorado and Ensign USD to enhance oilfield safety and reduce environmental concerns on drilling locations. By utilizing a drilling rig’s hydraulic systems to operate casing power tongs, rather than diesel powered Hydraulic Power Units, Titan Casing has made a large step forward in making drilling locations safer, more economical and environmentally friendly.

This new process is a breakthrough in the industry, and an overall win for Colorado as it significantly cuts down on diesel consumption, potential hazardous spills and work site traffic obstacles on drilling locations. Furthermore, the noise reduction is substantial, which benefits those residential or commercial properties in close proximity.

Erik Rodriguez, Titan Casing Vice President, said, “On October 26, 2018, on Ensign 152 in the DJ Basin, Titan Casing ran a 17,000-foot monobore well off of the public grid (line power) without the use of diesel motors in order to limit the carbon footprint of operations and to do our part to keep Colorado beautiful and green.”

Titan was able to run casing at a rate of more than 1,300 feet per hour, which is as, or more, efficient than previous jobs using a 6-cylinder Diesel Duel Stage Power Unit. Titan’s system completed the job with 0 gallons of diesel used.

“We have put countless hours of research and development into making this system efficient and safe,” continued Mr. Rodriguez. “On our end we have changed all hydraulic valve banks to create a closed loop system as opposed to an open loop hydraulic system. This required several hours of trial and error as it has never been done before on a rig in this drilling contractor’s fleet. With the help of Ensign tool pushers and our counterparts at our E&P partner we were able to further improve efficiencies on the wellsite.”

On a typical casing job, Hydraulic Power Units require 30-35 gallons of diesel fuel, in addition to Hydraulic fluid and oil. This new technology could save thousands of gallons of diesel fuel per rig annually in Colorado. In addition to being larger than a Volkswagon and taking up considerable space on locations, the hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel and oil that is used in these power units often time can leak or spill on locations. This new technology would limit hazardous spills such as these.

Josh Allison, CEO of JCA Companies, said, “Titan Casing, C-MOR Energy Services and JCA Companies strive to develop innovative products that enhance oilfield safety and reduce carbon emissions on drilling and frac site locations. We are fortunate to work with partners who share the same goals in safety and the environment. Ensign has really made a push to create a safer, more economically friendly worksite and has worked with JCA Companies and C-MOR Energy Services to put the C-MOR Crown Jewel of several of their drilling rigs as well. JCA Companies and affiliates look forward to continuing our mission of making drilling locations safer, more economical and environmentally friendlier.”

This innovation coupled with, C-MOR’s Crown Jewel, Tower of Lights and Mobile Light systems, has made breakthroughs in oilfield safety and reducing carbon footprints on drilling and frac sites nationwide.

About Titan Casing

Titan Casing is an affiliate of C-MOR Energy Services, Cascade Services and part of the JCA Companies Brand. Titan Casing provides Casing, Laydown, CRT, Torque Turn and Clean & Drift Services in Colorado, Wyoming and Texas. More information about Titan Casing is available on the company’s website: www.titancasing.com

About JCA Companies

JCA Companies and its three subsidiary companies are focused on innovation and Oilfield Safety. C-MOR Energy Services, Cascade, and Titan Casing provide innovative oil and gas equipment along with exceptional service. With locations in every major U.S. oil play, JCA Companies realizes that every piece of equipment on a drilling rig or frac site is essential to overall operations and JCA is fully committed to providing its clients with the best equipment and service. More information about the company is available at its website: jcacompanies.com

Erik Rodriquez,
Vice President of Titan Casing